Complaints Handling Procedure

Last updated on 17 December 2019


Choice International (Mauritius) Ltd (“the “Company”) aims to deal with all complaints in a prompt and reasonable manner, ensuring that the client is made aware of the person dealing with the issues raised, and adherence to these procedures will ensure a consistent approach. The client will be updated on the progress made toward resolving the complaint (see section 4 below).

A copy of this complaints handling procedure should be made available to the client on request.


The definition of a complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction from an eligible complainant, made either orally or in writing, whether justified or not.


 A client may complain for a number of reasons. Any complaint received must be investigated by an employee with sufficient competence who, where appropriate, was not directly involved in the matter that is subject to the client’s complaint .

When dealing with a complaint it is important to understand the jurisdiction where the regulated activity occurred against which the client is complaining. 

 ny complaints in this respect must be dealt with by the Compliance Officer. Full details of a complaint must be emailed to him. 


  1. Unsuitable/ misleading advice/ ‘churning’
  2. Delays and other administrative errors
  3. Failure to Carry Out Instructions - (That has, or may, directly or indirectly lead to a financial loss for the client)
  4. Switching/ Churning
  5. Poor Client Service
  6. Misleading services information



(A) Initial Receipt

When a complaint is received, full details must be passed to the person responsible within 24 hours of receipt. If the complaint is made over the telephone, you must obtain as much detail as possible before passing the notes from the conversation and other relevant information to the person responsible.

(B) Acknowledgement of the Complaint

Unless the complaint is of a ‘simple nature’ and can be resolved within 24 hours, a letter/ email acknowledging the complaint must be sent within 48 hours of receipt. The letter should show the following:


(C ) Further Timescales

If the complaint has not been resolved within 15 days then a further letter should be sent to the client stating:

Note – The above represent the minimum business standards. It is expected that the client will be contacted more frequently as appropriate given the nature of complaint made.

(D) Investigation of the Complaint

To enable the complaint to be addressed as soon as possible, the areas involved in both the sale and processing of the business may be asked to provide information and/or a report on the matter. These requests must be given priority. This will enable the complaint to be addressed appropriately.


All complaints received must be recorded on an internal database. The Compliance Officer will maintain a database of all referred complaints and should also maintain accurate records.


Maintenance of internal record-keeping will be monitored by compliance on an ongoing basis.


Where redress is appropriate, any sum paid should aim to provide fair and reasonable compensation for any acts or omissions for which we are responsible and comply with any offer of redress which the complainant accepts.

No compensation may be paid unless prior sign-off has been obtained from the directors.


When communicating the level of redress to the client, an explanation should be provided on how the amount to be paid has been determined. The letter to be sent to the client must include the attached declaration for the client to sign and return. This declaration is a ‘full and final settlement’ document and will be provided on request. This is because the exact wording may vary slightly depending on the circumstances of the complaint. The payment of any redress cannot take place until the signed declaration has been returned by the client.


All relevant employees must be aware of our complaint handling procedures. A copy will be provided to advisers during their induction program and no later than sign off to full, competent adviser status.


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