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Supercharging Business Payments in Africa and Southern Asia


Choice International's expertise in rapid, cost-effective and - above all - compliant international trade payments is now available on-the-spot in Mauritius.

Specialising in fast, dependable FX and payment provision for the region's banking and other financial institutions, Choice Mauritius draws on Choice International's unmatched enhanced due diligence procedures to power-up business with rapid on-boarding, keen forex rates, solid liquidity and customer-friendly processes.

CyberCity, Mauritius

Why Mauritius?

It's impossible to be unimpressed by the commitment to ethical prosperity that's become the driving force behind Mauritius's powerful growth. Its government, financial organisations and regulators are working together to make this little country one of the best places in the world to do business.

As a gateway to Africa and southern Asia, it's a perfect springboard for Choice Group to continue its work to deliver safe, compliant and affordable trade payments to some of the world's most excluded economies.

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The Payment Powerhouse

Modern business needs to be fast on its feet, with razor-sharp competitiveness and a welcoming face to its customers. Anyone who's tried to do business in the world's more challenging regions will know that those demands can be near-impossible to meet.

That's when you need a payments partner with experience in overcoming barriers, a partner with dependable liquidity in the currencies you need to deal in, and with an on-boarding experience that your customers see as your competitive edge.

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Precision Diligence

Probably our most persuasive advantage is the enhanced due diligence processes developed by Choice over more than fifteen years. Not only are we able to verify background information on every participant in a transaction, we're able to deliver confident decisions inside a time-frame that allows you to maximise opportunities and keep your customers engaged and happy. Our best-of-breed systems slash the cost of compliance and allow you to safely take on more business.

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Going International

Choice International (Mauritius) is the first step in Choice Group's planned progression towards establishing a physical presence in key emerging jurisdictions. The world may be connected electronically, but our experience tells us that there's no substitute for personal contact and involvement.

Committing ourselves to the ambitious plans being put in place by the Mauritius government and financial community has introduced us to, and involved us in, an array of the most exciting initiatives and opportunities in the world today.


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