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Choice International's expertise in rapid, cost-effective and - above all - compliant payments and liquidity is now available on-the-spot in Mauritius.

Specialising in fast, dependable hard-currency liquidity and payment provision for the region's MSMEs, Choice Mauritius draws on Choice International's unmatched enhanced due diligence procedures to power-up business with rapid payments, keen rates, solid liquidity and customer-friendly processes.

Choice Mauritius was granted a Payment Intermediary Institution licence by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission on August 30, 2019 and has since been accepted to membership in SWIFT as a Supervised Financial Intitution (BIC is CIMUMUMU) and is a member of Bloomberg, 360T and other trusted platforms.

CyberCity, Mauritius

Why Mauritius?

Our on-the-ground presence in Mauritius is a vital component of our ability to support our network of counterparties across Africa and south-east Asia. Half of the world's leading remittance fintechs rely on Choice Mauritius to trade hard currency liquidity into local African currencies.

This means that we're connected to around 15% of the average African country's inbound hard currency remittance flow. In turn, we make this liquidity and associated payment services available to local MSMEs to make foreign payments to support their businesses.

Here in Mauritius is where we are making measurable strides in helping African businesses take their place in the global economy.

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The Payment Powerhouse

The shrinking availability of correspondent banking services to African businesses has left a crippling void in their ability to grow, prosper or even survive. Far from preventing financial malfeasance, this has opened fertile ground for a non-regulated underground economy that puts everyone at risk. Choice Mauritius is working hard to close this gap.

Our systems, backed by the expert oversight of highly trained staff in Mauritius, South Africa, Nairobi and Singapore, provide a payment and liquidity platform that restores safe, high-compliance currency flows to reconnect small, struggling businesses to the rest of the world.

By 2021 Choice Mauritius was supporting small businesses to the tune of over $2 billion per year. 2022 is set to double that figure.

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Precision Diligence

Probably our most persuasive advantage is the enhanced due diligence processes developed by Choice over more than fifteen years.It revolves around the principal of derisking transactions rather than regions. That's a more involved process, but it pays dividends by allowing honest companies to prosper while locking out the wrongdoers. And by keeping costs low, we make it more profitable for businesses to play fair than to risk unregulated channels.

Our systems use best-of-breed micro services to scrutinise every detail and participant in every transaction - right down to shipping routes, market values and container volumes. And every stage of every operation is stored on a next-gen blockchain for an immutable audit trail.

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Partnership for Progress

Choice International (Mauritius) is an important step in Choice Group's planned progression towards establishing a physical presence in key emerging jurisdictions. The world may be connected electronically, but our experience tells us that there's no substitute for personal contact and involvement.

Key to this strategy is an open, inclusive approach that acknowledges and embraces the pivotal role of partnership. We don't see our payment and liquidity systems as a stand-alone solution, but as a collaborative component to upgrade the capability of banks and NBFIs that in turn help us to contribute to a common aim.

In our philosophy, there's no such thing as a competitor.


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